How to Delete Irctc Account: Step-by-Step Guide

To delete an IRCTC account, log in to your account on the IRCTC website, click on the “Profile” tab, and then select “Contact Details.” From there, you can delete the specific mobile number you want to remove.

How to Delete Irctc Account: Step-by-Step Guide


Understanding Account Deletion

To delete an IRCTC account, sign in, go to “My Profile,” and click the “Delete Account” link. Enter the user ID and password, then click “Delete Account” to permanently delete it. If help is needed, contact the IRCTC support team for assistance.

Importance Of Deleting Irctc Account

Deleting your IRCTC account is an essential step to take if you no longer wish to use their services. It is important to understand the reasons why you should consider deleting your account:

  • Privacy concerns: By deleting your account, you can ensure that your personal information, including your contact details and travel history, is no longer accessible on the IRCTC platform.
  • Security risks: With the rise in cyber threats, it is crucial to minimize your online presence and reduce the chances of your account being compromised by hackers.
  • Unwanted notifications: Deleting your account can help you avoid receiving unwanted emails or notifications from IRCTC.
  • Streamlining accounts: If you no longer use the IRCTC service or prefer to manage your travel bookings through alternative platforms, deleting your account can help you declutter your online presence.

Considerations Before Deleting

Before proceeding with the deletion of your IRCTC account, it is important to consider a few aspects:

  1. Active bookings: Make sure all your pending or upcoming bookings are either canceled or completed before deleting your account.
  2. Refunds and loyalty points: If you have any pending refund requests or loyalty points associated with your account, it is advisable to resolve them before initiating the deletion process.
  3. Alternative options: Consider if there are any alternative platforms or services you can use for your travel bookings before deleting your IRCTC account.
  4. Reactivation challenges: Once your account is deleted, it may be challenging or impossible to reactivate it in the future. Therefore, analyze your decision thoroughly and ensure you will not need the account in the future.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can proceed with confidence when deleting your IRCTC account.

How to Delete Irctc Account: Step-by-Step Guide


Step-by-step Guide

Deleting your IRCTC account can be done easily by following a few simple steps. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through each process to ensure a smooth account deletion.

Accessing Irctc Website

The first step is to access the official IRCTC website. Open your preferred web browser and enter in the URL bar. Once the website loads, you will see the login page where you need to enter your credentials to log in to your account.

Navigating To Account Deletion Section

After logging in, locate the “My Profile” tab on the homepage. Click on it to access your account settings. Scroll down the page until you reach the bottom. Here, you will find the “Delete Account” link. Click on it to proceed with the deletion process.

Confirming Deletion Process

Once you click on the “Delete Account” link, a dialog box will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Enter your IRCTC user ID and password in the designated fields. Double-check the information you have entered to ensure accuracy. After confirming the details, click on the “Delete Account” button to initiate the account deletion process.

After completing these steps, your IRCTC account will be permanently deleted, and you will no longer have access to it.

Remember, account deletion is an irreversible process, and all your account information, including booking history, will be permanently removed. Make sure to backup any important data before proceeding with account deletion.

If you have any queries or need further assistance regarding the account deletion process, you can contact IRCTC customer support for guidance.

Alternatives To Deletion

Instead of permanently deleting your IRCTC account, you have the option to suspend it. Account suspension can be a temporary solution if you are unsure about deleting your account altogether.

Changing Account Details Instead

You can consider updating your account details instead of deleting it. Changing your personal information or contact details can help you maintain your account while addressing your concerns.

How to Delete Irctc Account: Step-by-Step Guide


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Delete Irctc Account

How Can I Unregister My Number From Irctc?

To unregister your number from IRCTC, log in to your account and go to the “Profile” tab. Select “Contact Details” and then click “Delete” next to the mobile number you want to remove.

How Can I Reset My Irctc Account?

To reset your IRCTC account, visit the IRCTC website, click on “forgot password,” answer the security question, and receive a password reset link in your email.

How Can I Deactivate My Irctc E Wallet?

To deactivate your IRCTC e-wallet, follow these steps: 1. Log in to your IRCTC account. 2. Click on the “Profile” tab. 3. Go to “e-Wallet/TDR” and click on “e-Wallet History. ” 4. Select the e-wallet you want to deactivate. 5. Click on “Deactivate” and confirm your choice.

Note: Once deactivated, you cannot reactivate the e-wallet.

How Can I Delete My Suspended Account In Irctc?

To delete your suspended account in IRCTC, follow these steps: 1. Log in to your IRCTC account on the website. 2. Click on the “Profile” tab. 3. Go to “Contact Details” and find the mobile number you want to remove. 4.

Click on the “Delete” button next to that number. (Source: Quora)


Deleting your IRCTC account is a simple process with a few clicks. Remember to follow the outlined steps for a hassle-free experience. Safeguard your personal information by closing your IRCTC account accordingly. Stay informed and take charge of your online presence with ease.

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