Kelly Bates Urges Supporters: Don’t Direct Anger at NBC 10

Kelly Bates urges supporters to refrain from expressing anger towards NBC 10 in a recent request. Despite her departure, Bates appreciates her supporters but emphasizes directing frustrations elsewhere to maintain positivity and professionalism.

As a former weather personality on WJAR for seventeen years, Bates experienced challenges during contract negotiations but decided to walk away when her requests were not met, indicating her departure was driven by feeling unwanted. Acknowledging the loyalty of her fans, Bates’ call for peaceful support reflects her commitment to a positive atmosphere amidst changes in her career.

By addressing her supporters directly, Bates demonstrates gratitude while setting a constructive tone for continued engagement in her professional journey.

Background Of Kelly Bates

Kelly Bates, a prominent figure at NBC 10, recently addressed her supporters urging them not to direct their frustration towards the network. Bates, who has been a recognizable weather personality with an extensive career at NBC 10, has garnered a loyal following over the years. Known for her professionalism and charismatic on-screen presence, her departure from the network has sparked a wave of reactions among viewers and supporters. Let’s delve into the career trajectory and achievements of Kelly Bates at NBC 10.

Career At Nbc 10

  • Kelly Bates spent seventeen years as a weather personality at NBC 10.
  • She became one of the most renowned faces in Rhode Island’s broadcasting industry.
  • Bates’ dedication and passion for meteorology resonated with viewers across the region.

Popular Weather Personality

  • Known for her engaging delivery and accurate forecasting, Bates built a strong rapport with the audience.
  • Her departure from NBC 10 left many supporters saddened and seeking answers.
  • Bates’ influence extended beyond the screen, illustrating her impact on the local community.

Reasons For Leaving Nbc 10

Kelly Bates, former NBC 10 meteorologist, asks her supporters not to direct their anger towards the network. In her contract negotiations, she had requested certain rights which were denied, leading her to feel unwanted at the station.

Contract Negotiations

Kelly Bates had requested the right of first refusal for fill-in shifts in her contract negotiations but was denied by the station, leading her to make the difficult decision to leave NBC 10.

Feeling Unwanted

After the station refused her contract demands, Bates felt a sense of being unwanted at NBC 10, prompting her to seek new opportunities that would value her contributions.

Supporters’ Reaction

Supporters’ Reaction | Kelly Bates Asks Supporters Not to Take Out Their Anger on NBC 10 | Blog Post

When news broke out about Kelly Bates leaving NBC 10, her loyal supporters were left disappointed and frustrated. Understandably, emotions ran high, and many were looking for an outlet to express their anger towards the network. However, in a recent statement, Kelly Bates herself has urged her supporters not to direct their anger towards NBC 10.

Expressing Anger Towards Nbc 10

While it’s natural for supporters to feel anger towards NBC 10 for their treatment of Kelly Bates, it’s important to remember that lashing out may not yield the desired outcome. Instead, there are more constructive ways to express dissatisfaction:

  • Writing polite but assertive emails to NBC 10 expressing disappointment
  • Sharing experiences and opinions on social media using respectful language
  • Engaging in peaceful discussions on online forums to raise awareness

Doing so ensures that the focus remains on addressing the issue at hand rather than resorting to negative actions. By expressing their concerns in a respectful manner, supporters can make their voices heard and potentially initiate positive change within the network.

Kelly Bates has always been grateful for the support she has received throughout her career, and she does not want her loyal fans to tarnish their reputation by engaging in harmful behavior towards NBC 10. Instead, she encourages them to channel their frustration towards advocating for fair treatment not just for herself but for all women in the industry.

It’s important to remember that change happens when voices are united and heard. By supporting Kelly Bates in a constructive manner, her supporters can contribute to a larger movement towards equality and fairness in the TV news industry.

Kelly Bates Urges Supporters: Don't Direct Anger at NBC 10


Kelly Bates’ Plea To Supporters

Kelly Bates, a well-known meteorologist, has recently made a heartfelt plea to her supporters to refrain from directing their anger towards NBC 10. Despite her departure from the station, Bates is urging her loyal followers to channel their frustration in a constructive manner. In light of recent events, Bates has expressed her desire to maintain a positive and respectful approach, emphasizing the importance of unity within her community of supporters. Let’s delve deeper into Kelly Bates’ plea to her dedicated followers and her message of encouragement during this challenging time.

Urging Supporters To Not Direct Anger At Nbc 10

Kelly Bates is reaching out to her supporters with a clear message – she is urging them not to direct their anger at NBC 10 following her departure from the station. Bates understands the deep sense of loyalty and advocacy that her supporters have demonstrated, and she is keen on ensuring that their energy and passion are channeled towards positivity and understanding. She strongly emphasizes the need to maintain composure and to refrain from engaging in hostile or negative actions towards the network. Bates’ plea emphasizes the significance of handling the situation with grace and respect, reflecting her commitment to promoting a harmonious and unified community among her supporters.

Impact Of Supporters’ Response

Kelly Bates urges her supporters to refrain from directing their frustrations towards NBC 10, emphasizing a positive and constructive approach instead. Encouraging fans to channel their emotions effectively, Bates aims to maintain a respectful and productive dialogue amidst challenging circumstances.

Kelly Bates’ plea for her supporters not to direct their anger towards NBC 10 has sparked varying responses from her audience. It’s essential to understand the impact their response can have on the narrative surrounding the situation and the professional relationships involved.

Building A Positive Narrative

It’s crucial for Bates’ supporters to contribute to a positive narrative. This can be achieved through constructive dialogue and refraining from engaging in negative behavior towards NBC 10. By voicing their concerns in a respectful manner, they can help shape a narrative that values professionalism and fairness.

Maintaining Professional Relationships

Supporters need to recognize the importance of maintaining professional relationships in the media industry. Their response should focus on advocating for accountability and fairness rather than undermining the integrity of the network. By approaching the situation with professionalism, Bates’ supporters can foster a constructive dialogue that encourages positive change.

Kelly Bates Urges Supporters: Don't Direct Anger at NBC 10


Kelly Bates Urges Supporters: Don't Direct Anger at NBC 10


Frequently Asked Questions For Kelly Bates Asks Supporters Not To Take Out Their Anger On Nbc 10 …

Why Did Channel 10 Get Rid Of Kelly Bates?

Channel 10 let go of Kelly Bates after she requested first refusal for fill-in shifts in her contract negotiations. The station declined, leading to her decision to leave.

What Happened To Kelly On Channel 10 News?

Kelly Bates, a meteorologist on Channel 10 news, left the station after contract negotiations. She requested first refusal for fill-in shifts, but the station denied her request. Bates felt unwanted and decided to move on.

What Happened To Kathy Bates On Channel 10 News?

Kathy Bates left Channel 10 news due to contract negotiation disagreement. She wasn’t wanted there.

Where Does Kelly Bates Live In Ri?

Kelly Bates lives in Coventry, Rhode Island. She has been a well-known and reliable weather personality on WJAR for seventeen years.

Why Is Kelly Bates Asking Supporters Not To Take Out Their Anger?

Kelly Bates wants to maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere amidst her departure.

What Motivated Kelly Bates To Urge Supporters To Channel Their Frustration?

Kelly Bates is encouraging her supporters to handle the situation with grace and dignity.

How Can Supporters Effectively Express Their Support For Kelly Bates?

Supporters can show their solidarity through positive actions and graceful expressions of support.

What Impact Can The Supporters’ Behavior Have On Kelly Bates’ Image And Reputation?

Supporters maintaining a respectful approach can help preserve Kelly Bates’ professional image and reputation.

Where Can Kelly Bates’ Supporters Direct Their Positive Energy And Sentiments?

Supporters are encouraged to redirect their support towards constructive and uplifting gestures for Kelly Bates.

Is Kelly Bates Addressing Nbc 10 Directly Regarding Her Supporters’ Behavior?

Kelly Bates is advocating for her supporters to refrain from directing their frustration towards NBC 10.


In a heartfelt plea, Kelly Bates urges her supporters not to direct their anger towards NBC 10. Despite the unfair treatment she faced in her contract negotiations, she asks them to find productive channels for their frustrations. Let’s remember that change starts from within, and by focusing on positive actions, we can create a better future for everyone involved.

Together, we can make a difference.

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