Sumida Y Profundo: Cycle & Savor Asakusa’s Charm!

Experience Tokyo on two wheels with the Sumida & Profundo Asakusa Riverside Neighborhoods Cycle tour and enjoy a full day of bike rental. Explore these historic areas at your own pace, discovering hidden gems along the way.

Tokyo’s Sumida and Asakusa districts beckon travelers with a blend of tradition and vibrancy that captivates the soul. A cycling tour through these neighborhoods offers an intimate glimpse into the heart of Tokyo’s old-town atmosphere, coupled with the modern-day buzz of city life.

Pedal alongside the scenic Sumida River, take in the iconic view of the Skytree, and meander through the charming streets and alleys filled with artisan shops and local eateries. The 1Daybike rental provides the freedom to dive deeper into this culturally rich part of Tokyo, ensuring a memorable adventure for both cycling enthusiasts and those eager to immerse themselves in the local way of life.

Sumida Y Profundo: Cycle & Savor Asakusa's Charm!


Asakusa’s Hidden Gems

Imagine a place where every turn is a surprise, every alley holds a story. Asakusa is such a treasure trove in Tokyo. It’s not just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be discovered.

Cultural Nook Amidst Tokyo’s Bustle

Behind the fast-paced streets of Tokyo, Asakusa reveals a quieter, more profound side of the city. This neighborhood welcomes visitors with open arms and whispers of the past.

  • Sensō-ji Temple: A spiritual retreat with centuries of history.
  • Nakamise Shopping Street: Stroll and shop in the shadow of history.
  • Sumida Park: Nature’s canvas, perfect for a relaxing pause.

Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Asakusa is a blend of the old and new. Modern cafes and shops sit snugly beside traditional workshops. Each street tells a unique story of Tokyo’s evolution.

Venue Experience
Workshops Witness artisans at work.
Kannonura Street A glimpse into Tokyo’s old-world charm.
Theme Cafes Enjoy a creative and modern twist.

Cycling Through History

Embrace the charm of Tokyo on two wheels. Discover a blend of tradition and modernity as you cycle through two of Tokyo’s most iconic neighborhoods: Sumida and Asakusa. Pedal through lush riverside paths and historic streets that capture the heart of old Edo.

Two Wheels Along Sumida River

Riding along the Sumida River, cyclists savor picturesque views of Tokyo’s skyline. Feel the breeze on your face as you glide past the Sumida Park, a perfect spot for a break under cherry blossoms.

  • Stunning views of Tokyo Skytree
  • Peaceful paths away from city bustle
  • Cherry blossoms in springtime

Exploring Asakusa’s Ancient Streets

Asakusa’s streets whisper tales of the past. Your journey takes you past Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest temple, and through vibrant Nakamise Shopping Street. Capture the essence of Edo-era Japan, its culture, and cuisine.

  1. Start at Kaminarimon Gate
  2. Senso-ji Temple and Asakusa Shrine
  3. Nakamise Street’s crafts and snacks

Savoring Local Delights

Embark on a flavorful journey through Sumida and the Asakusa Riverside neighborhoods. This is your chance to explore Tokyo’s culinary history. Experience a blend of traditional tastes and contemporary treats that define the local cuisine.

A Taste Of Edo

The Edo period left a rich legacy of flavors still savored in modern-day Tokyo.

  • Tamagoyaki – sweet, layered omelette
  • Anago – saltwater eel, a sushi staple
  • Soba – classic buckwheat noodles

Street Food And Regional Specialties

Roam the vibrant streets for iconic street food.

Street Food Description
Yakitori Grilled chicken skewers
Taiyaki Fish-shaped cakes with sweet filling
Senbei Crisp rice crackers

Local breweries offer sake tasting sessions.

Conclude your day with a relaxing cup of matcha tea.

Sumida Y Profundo: Cycle & Savor Asakusa's Charm!


From Temples To Skyscrapers

Explore Tokyo’s Spectacular Transformation in the Sumida and Asakusa neighborhoods. Start your journey at ancient shrines. Finish by gazing out from Tokyo’s tallest towers. This path shows Tokyo’s growth from historic to futuristic within just a few blocks.

Serene Shrines And Lively Festivals

Nothing captures the heart of Tokyo’s traditions like Asakusa’s serene shrines. Senso-ji, the city’s oldest, invites peaceful reflection among bustling streets. Visit the quaint Asakusa-jinja, where sculptures and lanterns tell old tales.

  • Historic Senso-ji Temple
  • Zen moments at Asakusa-jinja
  • Time-travel through Nakamise shopping street

Festivals transform streets into live galleries. Witness this vibrant culture firsthand. Experience the Sanja Matsuri, one of Tokyo’s largest. Drums echo, and spirits soar as locals honor deities.

Month Festival Highlights
May Sanja Matsuri Parades, Music, Dance

Viewing Asakusa From Tokyo Skytree

For an unforgettable panorama, ascend the Tokyo Skytree. Views stretch beyond imagination. Its modern design contrasts with Asakusa’s ancient rooftops. Use a rental bike for a swift transition from bygone eras to the high-tech present.

  1. Board an elevator skyward.
  2. Gaze over rivers, shrines, and the bustling city.
  3. Spot Mount Fuji on clear days.

The Sumida district boasts a skyline punctuated by the Skytree. Here, the past and future of Tokyo intermingle, offering a visual feast of cultural juxtaposition.

Navigating Asakusa’s Nightlife

As dusk falls over Asakusa, a historic district in Tokyo, the streets come alive with a vibrant nightlife. The Sumida riverside and its surroundings offer adventures that light up the night. From cozy izakayas to soulful jazz bars and picturesque evening cruises, every moment here promises a memory.

Izakayas And Jazz Bars

Izakayas are Japanese style pubs where the night begins. Step into these bustling spots for a taste of authentic Tokyo.

  • Savor delicious yakitori (grilled chicken skewers).
  • Sample sake and local beers.
  • Mingle with the friendly locals.

Next, let the smooth sounds of a saxophone lead you to a jazz bar. In these laid-back locales, enjoy:

  1. Live bands playing soothing rhythms.
  2. A fine selection of cocktails and spirits.
  3. A cozy atmosphere perfect for winding down the night.

Evening Cruises By Sumida

For a tranquil escape, hop onto an evening cruise along the Sumida River.

  • Witness the sparkle of Tokyo Skytree against the night sky.
  • View the illuminated bridges creating reflections on the water.
  • Feel the gentle breeze as you glide past Asakusa’s landmarks.
Sumida Y Profundo: Cycle & Savor Asakusa's Charm!


Asakusa’s Cultural Mosaic

Nestled along the Sumida River, Asakusa is not just a neighborhood—it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with history and tradition. This district hums with the spirit of old Tokyo. Every street and alleyway tells a story. Culture enthusiasts and travelers alike marvel at this unique fusion of past and present. Here, against the backdrop of the Tokyo skyline, the Asakusa Riverside area offers an unforgettable exploration into the heart of Japanese artistry and performance.

Traditional Craftsmanship

The area is a treasure trove of handcrafted art. Witness skillful artisans breathing life into timeless creations. Their shops are workshops of wonder where kimonos, woodblock prints, and luminous lanterns are made with careful precision.

  • Sensu Fans – Feather-light and painted by hand, they are the epitome of refined cooling elegance.
  • Ningyo Dolls – Each doll is a story, sculpted and dressed with an artisan’s passion.
  • Kanzashi Hair Ornaments – Adorn your hairstyle with these delicate splashes of color and craft.

Performing Arts In The Heart Of Tokyo

Asakusa’s stages are alive with dynamic performances. The romance of kabuki theater unfolds here. Laugh with the locals at a rakugo storytelling show. The beats of taiko drums resonate, anchoring you in Japanese rhythm and soul.

  1. Visit the grand Kabuki-za Theatre for a slice of historic entertainment.
  2. Explore Asakusa Public Hall for a mix of plays, dance, and comedy.
  3. Feel the ground shake at a taiko performance in a neighborhood festival.


Exploring Sumida and Asakusa by bike offers an intimate glimpse of Tokyo’s charm. With your 1-day rental, you navigate through historical streets, river breezes, and cultural landmarks at your own pace. Embrace this unique cycling journey to enrich your travel memories in Tokyo’s picturesque riverside neighborhoods.

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